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ACT Tutoring Chicago – Give Your ACT Scores a Boost With Help From a Private Tutor

act tutoring chicagoThere are many pathways to success in life, but the easiest path comes from making the most of one’s educational and academic opportunities in school.

And a big part of that these days is doing as well as is possible on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT. High scores on these tests, combined with the right high school transcript, extracurricular activities and civic service record are the equivalent of the magic words, “Open Sesame!” when it comes to garnering college acceptance letters.

From there, assuming the student does well in college and has the desire to go into a field where a graduate level degree is required (or at least highly regarded by perspective employers), then great scores on tests are needed on such as the GRE, the LSAT or the MCAT.

So, in a very real way, success is very much tied to a student’s ability to test well. So, as parents and students envision their future, one question they should be asking themselves is how can they perform as well as possible on these tests and get into the schools/jobs they desire?

That’s exactly where private tutoring Chicago can help. Our private ACT tutors help students prep for the ACT exams so they can achieve the highest score possible and show the colleges they apply to what they’re capable of achieving.

There are plenty of ACT tutors in Chicago, but the fact that someone hangs out a shingle and offers to tutor your child doesn’t mean they’re qualified to do so.

Here are some of the main qualities you should look for when engaging a tutor for your child.

Flexible Schedule

Look for someone who is flexible enough to be willing to work around your family’s busy schedule. A tutor who will come to your home one day and meet you at the library the next is demonstrating the sort of flexibility that works for most kids and their parents.


You want to find someone who’s had academic success, particularly in the subject you want to have them tutor your child in. If you want your child to meet and surpass his academic goals, look for a tutor who did the same.


Look for a tutor who is friendly and personable and who can establish the sort of rapport with your child that enables him or her to inspire, motivate and engage your child. Someone with a gift for teaching, who can make the material seem fun and alive.

Teaching Ability

Just because someone is able to get the grades, pass the tests and do the work doesn’t mean that he or she is cut out for ACT tutoring. The ability to teach is both a skill and a gift. A true teacher is someone who can look at your child, recognize his or her learning style and tailor individualized lessons to the manner in which your child learns, with the goal of turning your child’s weaknesses into strengths.

It can be a daunting task for a parent to do all of the background work required to find a great tutor for their child. If the thought of finding and evaluating such a tutor seems an overwhelming one, we can help.

Our Education Specialists will listen to your needs and goals for your son or daughter and match him/her with one of our ACT tutors here in Chicago. These tutors have all gone through a rigorous screening process that only the best of the best make it through. And we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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